World Championship 2022 in Nürnberg

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For the second year in a row, Norway participated in the Teqball World Championship. Norway was participating in all disciplines, with Jonathan Åmot Olsen in men’s single, Pernille Ingvaldsen Smith in women’s singles, Pernille Ingvaldsen Smith and Henriette Ingvaldsen in women’s double, Alexander Mørland Karlsen and Markus Loka in men’s double, and last Alexander Mørland Karlsen and Henriette Ingvaldsen in the mix double’s.
All athletes went to the knockout rounds, an outstanding achievement for Norway because we are still in the building of spreading out the sport in Norway.
Jonathan became 17th place in the Men’s single, Pernille became 5th place in the woman’s single, Pernille and Henriette became 5th place in the women’s double, Alexander and Markus became the 17th place, and Alexander and Henriette became 9th place in the mix doubles.
We thank our main sponsors, TQ Sport and Hummel, for supporting the Norwegian Teqball Federation.

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